Monday 6 November 2017

Market survey

The rich write books
About how they got out of their rags
And that's fair enough.
But is there a market
For other stories of miracle?
Stories by those who have the remains of the day
And yet remain.
Of those who live a little above, below, around the lines of poverty-
Measured and cut out for them by others
At a table with chairs made by, not for, them-
And yet manage to have lives.
Can that blurb produce a wow,
Inspire the reader to pick up the book?
Or do we predict more of a shrug, because the story is ordinary, because "they're used to it"?

First published in Social Justice Poetry, 1 Nov 2017.


manju said...


ankita said...

Thank you :).

probe said...

It's a much smaller market and we might run into each other there.

ankita said...

I have been waiting!

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