Sunday 30 December 2018


Before they knew campaigns and street plays,
Before they developed calluses that mocked pedicures,
My smooth kidfeet
Had discovered that putting one step after another
Could take me a long way.
Smug feet, cool ground,
I thought the ants were in my way
And had to be reminded
About who's who in the scheme of things.
My feet (con)descended on them with complacence
And a moment became large enough
To simultaneously contain both:
The smell of liquid iron
And the sting of the point from where it oozed.
I'd like to say I always learn my lessons quickly
But to give credit where it's due
My teachers were sharp.
And whenever someone exhorts me
To magnify my life
I think that, actually,
I only need to be precise.

First published in Singapore Unbound, 30 Dec 2018.

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