Wednesday 2 July 2014

I Can Explain This

Maybe you think I didn’t look at your roses
(Yes, yes, I know they were only twenty a bunch)
Because glass-caged, glassy-eyed, voices do not reach me
Or that
Conditioned-hair, conditioned-air, the thoughts in my head are frozen
But my eyes didn’t go to meet yours
Only for the fear of what they might find there
And because I couldn’t have explained all this then
In the flicker of a red light.

First published in Muse India, Jul-Aug 2014.


Ana said...

I loved reading this! :-)

ankita said...

Thank you, Ana. Just went to the beach that is your blog :).

probe said...

Nice. Made an echo.

As monsoons sweep across the west coast, glad to see the blog lush green with posts :)

ankita said...

:). Since the rains have followed you leaving us behind, we have to make do with our own home-grown greenery.

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