Wednesday 7 May 2014


Stealing the light of the candle,
She had danced with the shadows once.
That now stand stripped naked.
The candle,

First published in HT Ranchi Live, 10 April 2003.


probe said...

the ambiguity of the subtext is teasingly well written.

Anonymous said...

अच्छा है. कुछ नया पोस्ट किया जाये.. आपकी कविताओं की तलब लगी है...

Srimac said...

Incisive and suffocating in its countenance. Brilliant.

ankita said...

@probe: One never knows what poem will be born from a game of rearranging a limited number of words.

Nishit said...

Heyy.. I remember this beautiful poem.. U wrote this while in school itself.. was published in local newspaper... I have the cutting as well .. its one of the most magical collection of words from you..

ankita said...

Wow, Nishit. Amazed. Thanks.

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