Tuesday 9 August 2016


Politicians double up as salons
Offering makeovers.

If today you ask a city its name,
It will look into your eyes seductively 
And ask, "What do you want it to be?
I could be Shanghai, 
Or are you in the mood for Singapore?"

And though you know 
That while the grass on your side is burnt or stunted,
None grows on the other side,
You'll allow yourself to be coiled up and swallowed.

You'll want to take this one decision,
To end the pretence that you're the one taking the decisions;
You'll wish to do away with the stressful delusion of being in control,
Knowing you were the one being kept in control.

You'll give in gratefully
In that most vulnerable moment in the day,
When you're shivering, 
"Anywhere but here, anywhere but here."

First published in Singapore Poetry, 15 Jul 2016.


probe said...

Dont take so long for the next one.

ankita said...

I love you so for having been such a consistent presence in my life.

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