Monday 17 February 2014

Look, over there

I wish to be the chord against a violin – to be lifted and grated against it soulfully and listen to the music I just produced. To be a magician’s assistant and be cleanly slit right through and have torso and bust come together in perfect unison. That’s what I am crying out for – to be entirely broken into atoms and feel like I am all over the universe; then to come together as a whole and feel that the whole universe is in me. And it’s so perfect and complete that I cannot dream of keeping it to myself. How can I not feel this urgent need to share it with everyone I know, and know everyone I didn’t until now, through this sharing? Especially to share with those who need to have their faiths reaffirmed in something. Especially because I could not give them something of my own and I just want to distract them for a little while by pointing out what’s already there, in and around them.

First published in Metaphor Magazine, 17 February 2014.


Veena said...

Excellent Read !!!
Good Opening Lines
Little kindness in life is just what is needed !!

ankita said...

And that's we love people for, those 'little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love'.

probe said...

I've been ailing all day, and this, is perfect prescription.

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