Wednesday 25 December 2013


Yellow means a sunflower.
A single stem brightening a whole room.
Yellow means cheer.

Yellow means a child’s nursery.
Yellow means innocence.

Yellow means butter.
A thick wad melting on a steaming hot aloo-paratha.
Yellow means temptation.

Yellow means the Australian cricket team.
Yellow means challenge.

Yellow means Winnie the Pooh.
On a night-shirt and a school bag and a notebook.
Yellow means memories.

Yellow means a canary.
Hopping and skipping and flipping about.
Yellow means life.

Yellow means turmeric.
A pinch added to a drab looking bhaji, making it seem like a mouth-watering delight.
Yellow means taste.

Yellow means a field of mustard plants.
With Shahrukh and Kajol singing ‘Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam’.
Yellow means youth.

Yellow means the piece of gold my grandmother wears around her neck.
A gift from my mother to hers, from her first salary.
Yellow means pride.

Yellow means the sun.
Light. Energy. Hope.

First published in Talking Cranes, 21 November 2013.


probe said...

Just what the winter needed, a bit of yellow and a bit of you :)

ankita said...

And the reassurance of rediscovered long lost friends.

Shilpi Dutta said...

Thts very well described..various moods and shades of the vibrant yellow

Ankita said...

Glad you liked it, Shilpi.

Rat said...

nice one. :)

प्रीतेश दुबे said...

Very good imagination and very well written.....
Can I add one verse ....
Yellow means a school bus,
carrying priceless innocence
Yellow means childhood

Ankita said...

@a Rat: Grateful you found it worth a nibble.

@Pritesh: Thank you for the words and the verse.

ds said...


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